Velsaria Hawklight

Warpriest of Lymnieris


Warpriest of Lymnieris

Abadius 3 age 22

Human Warpriest Level 4

Str- 18
Dex- 12
Con- 16
Int- 9
Wis- 16
Cha- 12

HP- 42

Initiative- +1
Fortitude- +8
Reflex- +3
Will- +8

Craft Jewelry – +7
Diplomacy- +7
Heal- +7
Intimidate – +6
Knowledge (Engineering)- +5
Knowledge (Religion)- +7
Perception- +7
Profession (cook)- +7
Sense Motive- +8
Spellcraft – +3

1st- Dirty Fighting
Human- Additional Traits
Class- Weapon Focus Long Sword
3rd- Power Attack
Bonus- Weapon Focus Greatsword

Ancestral Weapon
Fate’s Favored
Second Chance

Attached – (Morning Light)


Born to a retired adventuring couple just a few mere blocks from the Aglarian central bureaucracy; Velsaria’s life had the potential to be one set apart from the common rabble. A life with access to life’s necessities, guaranteed entrance into one of the many academies, and rise into political power in the nation’s senate. These were the dreams of a lady, young and innocent to how often things that seem so simple can be swept away in just a moment.

Her early life was spent watching her parents train and prepare the nation’s army and guards. Often mimicking the movements of her parents with her own wooden sword. In her mind she was living through the stories that she’d heard of her parents exploits not from their own lips, but from those who knew their legend. Whenever she would ask her parents to verify the validity of these stories her parents would repeat the same lines about, “Doing what needed to be done”. These lines were accompanied by looks of excitement followed quickly by a sadness she didn’t see often with her parents.

The summer of her 9th year should’ve been filled with celebration as Velsaria had just finished completing the necessary entrance exams to enter into the elite Aglarian Military Academy where she would prepare herself for the future. The day her tailored uniform was finished her parents took her out to a local tavern to celebrate and show off their daughter. Velsaria was allowed to order as much food as she wanted and her father even snuck her sips of his mead when her mother wasn’t looking.

After the meal she was surprised when her mother took her longsword off her side and presented it to her. An amazing feat of craftsmanship the blade was made of a mix of metal and silver and shown with the light of the cool morning’s sun. Morning’s Light was the name given to the blade. As much a name representative of the woman who wielded it as the blade itself. Velsaria tried to run the blade through one of the combat maneuvers she had practiced with her wooden blade only to be thrown of balance and fall into the dirt bringing forth chuckles from her parents. “You’ll grow into it” her father called to her from his chair.

When the family finally arrived back at their home and Velsaria was preparing herself for bed there was a loud banging on the door. Curious about who would be calling on her family at such an hour she watched the door from her room as her parents went to open it. On the other side was a soldier dressed in light armor breathing heavily. The distance and his ragged breathing made it hard for her to make out fully what was said, but she heard something about a western coastal down, pirates, and a name that as soon as it was spoken made her father clutch the pommel of his scimitars, “Vicroy”.

The rest of the night passed by in a blur for the young girl. She remembered promised of “We’ll be back soon”, “Everything will be all right”, “You’re such a strong girl”, and a somber feeling “We love you”. All she could do was watch as her parents dug up their old adventuring gear and weapons some of which no longer fit properly and prepared themselves for a journey. Realizing that her parents might be going someplace dangerous, Velsaria ran to her room to pack her things. Shortly after she came out of the room with her mother’s sword strapped to her back and her wooden practice sword on her hip.

Seeing this seemed to snap her parents out of the frenzy of preparations. “No, you must stay here and safe” Was her father’s words to her. After minutes of futile arguing she tearfully offered her mother her mother Morning’s Light back. “No, my daughter, that is a gift from your father and me. It contains our bravery and will see you through anything. It was given to you and can not be claimed by another. As long as you have that blade we shall never be apart”. With a tearful hug her parents saddled horses and rode into the night.

Two days before Valeria’s entrance into the academy there was a knock on the door. Strangely it was the same man that came just weeks before, but this time he wasn’t breathing heavily. “Fought bravely”, “great service”, “should be proud” were words he used. All she heard was death.

The next year of her life was spent struggling to make ends meet. With the deaths of her parents her entrance to the academy was canceled. After all why should an orphan girl be given a spot when it could go to one of the nobles offspring who would bring with them coin and more importantly power and influence to the academy and it’s staff. So she was forced into fending for herself. She did her best to get proper value for her parents possessions, but as a starving 10 year old child she had no leverage haggling. It was on one of these occasions where she was arguing with a merchant trying to exchange her practice sword for some food that fate finally intervened on her behalf. Lady Gellantara, a warpriest of Lymneiris overheard the squabble and approached Velsaria and she huffed away from the stall with a small stale loaf of bread. Lady Gellantara offered Velsaria an opportunity to spend her youth has more than a street urchin. She would have to stay at the church and work, but in return she would receive an education, training, and best of all a chance.

A couple years passed in her tutelage under Gellantara. Velsaria learned how to charm those around her, intimidate those who opposed her, and to properly wield her mother’s sword. At the age of 14 she was taking care of kids just a few years younger than her in the church orphanage. Though she excelled at the tasks asked of her, Velsaria was just going through the motions and held no desire or drive in the acts. One day while she was out purchasing supplies from a local farm to make dinner for the kids in her dorm when she heard cries for help coming from down the road. Velsaria put down the food and ran in the direction of the screams.

Coming over a hill Velsaria felt a wave of heat that nearly knocked her off her feet. In front of her was a house completely ablaze and out front laying face down in the dirt a child no more than 5 screaming for help and badly burnt. When Velsaria got to the child, the child begged for her to go in save her parents, but a quick glance at the building was all she needed to know she wasn’t going to be able to save anyone inside. The child still screaming in a mix of panic, pain, and desperation was still in front of her.

Velsaria desperately tried to find someone to help the child as the cuts and burns. Desperate she ran back to the child and prayed to any of the gods that might be listening to spare the child. She begged for a way to help the child, and felt a calmness wash over her. This was her first connection to Lymneiris as healing energy was released from her palms into the child soothing the pain, and mending flesh. Velsaria pulled the child unto her back and carried her the two miles back to the orphanage.

The child Krisdiana Woodsheart lived through the ordeal thanks to the divine energies Velaria channeled. Sadly it wasn’t enough to heal the burn damage to her eyes and left her permanently blind in both eyes. Through this tragedy Velsaria found her true faith in Lymneiris not just in action, but in mind. She wanted to do everything she could for the children of this world and give each of them the opportunity to make themselves into anything they wanted. The opportunity she was robbed of.

At the age of 16 Velsaria had become a full fledge alcholyte of Lymneiris. She spent her working hours caring for the children and preparing for her future as one of the churches protectors.
In her spare time she trained outside the academy with any student who would accept her challenge. At first she had plenty of takers as many of the students though she would be an easy way to vent their frustrations, but as she claimed victories most resorted to petty insults and dismissal. Disheartened Velsaria made her way back to the church only to be stopped by a young noble elven student that she estimated to be about her age or whatever her age in elf years was. Thinking he was going to insult her, or attack her she prepared herself for whatever was about to come.

The youth turned out to be Kevtiln Loreweaver; a scholar of law at the academy, who recognized her from their testing days to get into the academy. Time passed as the two talked about the past, their present, and countless other subjects. Before they both knew it their lips we’re pressed against one another in the academy dorm. The couple continued to see each other for a year until one day Velsaria received an official courier from house Loreweaver bearing a letter that forbid her from seeing Kevtlin again, or the church of Lymneris would find itself expelled from the capital, and if she birthed a child of his that the child would not be exiled out of the country (the normal punishment for halfbred children), but instead would be carried into the house dungeons and be used to research the methods of the arcane that neighboring counties used.

After two weeks of not being visited or hearing from Velsaria, Kevtlin sought her out in private. She showed him the letter. Rage filled the youth’s eyes and together they vowed that they would end that nations misguided views on such things, but until then they would keep their meetings secret, and no longer carry on in public.

Time passed and the meetings grew viewer, but the fire of determination for the pair hadn’t dimmed from the first night. Kevtiln was a full fledged advisor to one of the nation senators and engineer for the army overseeing the building and design of the nations siege and defense weaponry.

Velsaria was now a full sponsored warpriest of Lymneris. Her mornings and evenings we’re full of time spent taking care of the orphans the church took in. Whenever she found spare time she spent it training in the art of the sword and shield.

After a time rumors of a new discovery in the eastern mountains began to be passed around the town. At first most people dreamed of a new jewel, or metal that might make life easier, or perhaps bring more beauty. In truth what was discovered was something else entirely. The horrifying discovery of gunpowder. A material that when exposed to fire would cause an eruption of flame and energy unlike anything seen before.

Such a dangerous and powerful material quickly raised tensions between Algeria and neighboring Driunia and it wasn’t long before both nations were pulled into conflict. Kevtiln was sent to the main force to help design defense to hold Driunia at bay while Velsaria took the opportunity to report to one of the border towns to help protect the locals and keep them safe.

Velsaria Hawklight

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