Velos KIA by dragon at lev 4

Ate by a Dragon


Human Ranger Level 4

Str- 13
Dex- 16
Con- 11
Int- 10
Wis- 13
Cha- 12

HP- 26
AC- 17

Initiative- 8
Fortitude- 5
Reflex- 8
Will- 3

(1) Precise Shot
(1) Point Blank Shot
(2) Rapid Shot
(3) Endurance
(3) Weapon Focus (Long bow)


Orphaned at the age of 4 Velos doesn’t remember anything about his parents, except the haunting dream of him hiding in a secret room under the floor as a group of men stabbed his parents through from behind and looted his house.

Velos was shortly after moved to an orphanage where he grew up for 9 years, during these years Velos was a quiet child who tried to avoid conflict if he could, but other kids would bully him, but everything changed when a hot headed girl who liked to get into trouble came to live in the orphanage.

Her name was Casca and for the next few years they lived together and became friends, when bullies would pick on Velos, Casca would charge in to fight them probably thinking she was some kind of hero or a brave warrior. Now Velos normally wouldn’t fight back and avoid the conflict but he couldn’t just leave her to fight them alone, so he would pick up anything around that he could and throw it at the bullies to help her.

the time went on like this until he was 13, that’s when he was adopted by an old half elf named Darrious landstrider, he was a retired scout for the military traveling around and looking to find a more peaceful life. For 5 years Velos lived with the old half elf and learned how to use a bow, how to track animals for food and pelts and also about Erastil the deity of hunting.

Velos was enjoying this new peaceful life but it turns out that Darrious was sick, he was dieing, Velos knew they didn’t have enough money for the medicine so he decided he Would to join the town guard and earn the money to help, but it was too late a little less than a month after velos joined the old half elf Darrious passed,

Not knowing what else to do with his adoptive father now gone he decided to enlist in the military like Darrious and help in the current war, so he went north closer to the front line and signed on there as a mercenary archer.

Velos KIA by dragon at lev 4

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