The joys of tomb raiding.

The joy is gold and fun.

It felt like it should have been a normal morning. Just making preparation, clearing things within the military, and gearing up. It was at least until I made it to the bridge and found a suicidal maniac. Ferrar decided it would be fun to be even more insane than usual today and try to jump off a bridge and be pissed scared of everything. With something of a great effort we managed to save him from himself and go on our way off to the tomb.

Once there we were able to get down to business. Everything inside was rather quiet. Various statues with braziers one of which seemed to have a broken compartment under it. Noting this we moved on down the stairs further into the ruins. It felt refreshing to be doing this again after some time. Different company sure, but two of them are good friends. Well friends at least. The place was much more cavernous than I’d expected. The roof being tall enough for Wilgrim to have a fun time climbing up one of the pillars. Examining the entirety of the room revealed a small indentation in front of a door like structure. Wilgrim also set off a trap door in the middle of the room which he was able to circumvent with the help of his odd mount.

Unable to discover how to open the door I returned to the first chamber and began reexamining the statues. After trying to move one Velos came up and pushed the thing over shattering it. The one time he decides to be strong I swear. Luckily it paid off and we found an odd square shaped gem that just happened to be the same size as the opening. Using it as a key we opened the door and found…skeletons. We’re rather good at bashing open skeletons it seems. The same goes for swarms of rats. This place was not the cleanest.

We repeated this routine fighting various skeletons of various strengths. Opening doors one way or another. Some the clever way others the smash it with a crowbar way. We found a strange magical water that some people just couldn’t get over. It was delicious water. It really didn’t need that many long dead bodies in it. Scarabs were dealt with a mummy was utterly destroyed by Ferrar. We found a lot of gold. No really. Hundreds of pounds of gold. Me and Velsaria had a bitch of a time getting it all off, but it certainly seems to have been worth it. After all of this effort we found another set of stairs. We decided to camp out for the night before confront whatever was down there.

We descended the stairs and found a rather ominous room. An oddity therein summoned a strange shadow creature that proved much more troublesome than all of the undead we’d fought before. Velsaria almost fell, but was able to keep herself going. Wilgrim showed a new side of himself relaying instructions that improved the defense Velsaria and I were able to provide with our shields. Oh and I HATE THIS STUPID FUCKING RAPIER THAT I PICKED UP HOLY SHIT HOW BAD OF A SMITH COULD THAT GUY HAVE BEEN?! We weren’t able to defeat the creature, but a strange hand came from then aether and plucked it up both of them disappearing after.

With all of that dealt with we were able to retrieve the bladed staff from within. Using a rope seemed like a bit much, but I picked it up after and we went back on our way. Taking all of the gold back is going to be a bit of a pain, but certainly more than well worth it. I just hope that the military doesn’t take it all from us. Perhaps there’s some kind of offer we could make that they’d like. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get my hands on one of those firearm things.


viperkusy Sirramington

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