Ferrar Diary Entry #44


Your name fills me with such life, but equally with rage.
You tore up the formula, you’re the reason nothing is as it was!
I could have saved us from any matter of God, don’t you see?

You thought that this too was just an act, a side effect of the potion, but I assure you this is who I am. The pictures and memories lie, they cannot be trusted.

I am writing this letter for you, so that you know I am okay. So that you know I am still a good man.

No harm will ever come to us, this I truly believe. Everything is perfect as is once you see through the thick dark plague lingering over their heads.

Everyone around me smiles, so I smile too. Killing with them is delightful. Sometimes I even sing songs about the downfall of our enemies.

Everything is great. Snakes are like friends with more squeeze to their hug, and nibbly love parts. We played so many games with snakes that Shizu-zeeee had to rest for a day!

I wish you could join us in the excitement!


viperkusy gr3ycrow

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