Ferrar Diary Entry #43


I’m close; I can feel it, but the voices are beginning to take their toll.
It takes a lot of trust to let go and have someone or something else take over.
Everything is beginning to fade. Is being true to myself enough to pay the price?
I can remember the fire like it was yesterday; it’s what led me here. The bandits thought we would flee, but there was something dangerous simmering in me. I drank the vial from my father’s study to defend the farm. It made me that monster! It had to! That thing you saw that day wasn’t me and I’ll prove it.

I’ve lost track of the days. I’ve lost track of where I stand.
Won’t you forgive me?
Won’t you care for me still?

I am sure I will find the answers I need with this group.
Scorpion poison could come in handy if I can find the right way to alter my gloves.
The heat of the desert I’m used to, but people are harder to gauge than animals.

We’ve been sent to find an artifact, perhaps it will lead me to the answers I seek.

Do remember, I fight for you.


viperkusy gr3ycrow

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