Why can't war be simple?
Shades of gray.

I was worried that rounding everyone up and keeping them safe was going to be the most difficult part of this storm and battle, but it seems as if I was very mistaken. Almost immediately upon finishing our tasks fighting broke out in the streets. The invaders versus a scouting party who had no doubt come to see what had happened to the town. I can say with a measure of pride that we all did our best to avoid being hasty.

For the first part of the fight all of us did what we could to stay out of it. Waiting for some kind of sign or indication as to which side was more just, but there was none. We were being treated as noncombatants by both sides and simply went about trying to keep fatalities from mounting. For my part I started to make a dash to the South after realizing certain things. It was then that the tide finally turned.

I was perfectly willing to continue moving South in an attempt to sway both sides, but an errant strike managed to harm Velsaria. It may be somewhat petty to choose sides based on something as simple as a light injury to a friend, but things the way there were it was the best I had. Turning back I flew into a rage and waded into battle to rather high effect. Poor Velos couldn’t do much with the wind the way it was, but I like to think that I more than made up for that.

With the enemies at hand dealt with and our allegiance made we finally moved to the bridge in the South. There we found an odd sight. Strange soldiers with fire elementals at their beck and call along with a man that surely meant nothing good was afoot. Before much of anything could be done an order to burn the bridge was issued. The commander fled and luckily we managed to subdue the would be arsonists with little difficulty. The odd soldiers ended up being clockwork men that while rather resilient I managed to score precise enough strikes to disable one. The things had some means to repair themselves once down, but it was limited and simple enough to disable them for good. Though the time was enough for that bastard to make his escape.

Having determined that things were safe for now it came time to make a choice. To go with the invaders and potential allies, or to strike our own path. In the end we seemed agreed to take the path that would get us our gold back, along with a few other things. Maybe we’ll be able to get some more answers if we stick with this crew for a time. Things aren’t quite as clear as they used to be.

Velos Journal 7

THERE BE WAR! are country is shit, other country is nice, FUCK STORMS making my arrows useless, also dam clock thingy was weird

Velsaria Letter

Kevtiln Loreweaver,



Velos Journal 6

We read a lot, the gnome killed a cat person, the Waring country took over the town, and shit was weird, sandstorm approaches we prepare for the storm, we heard fighting as the storm blew in

Knowledge earned and gained
Black armor in the desert is scary

Through much effort we’ve managed to gain quite a bit. While dragging all of that gold back to town was an endeavor, but well worth the effort it would seem. We immediately went to the barracks so that I could report our findings as well as formulate some sort of idea to spend the gold. The commander was somewhat interested in our proposal for a keep and promised to keep the small hoard safe while we took care of our business. With that settled we decided to make our way back to Sandreach to report our findings and deliver our goods to Belron.

It seems we will never have an uneventful trip to Sandreach. On the way there we spotted something strange in the distance. A black armored figure with a greatsword which gave off every impression of danger. Ferrar decided to rush directly at the figure forcing the rest of us to chase after him. Once close enough the being drew its greatsword from the ground and entered combat with us.

Many of us were unable to strike with any damage upon the heavily armored foe. I feel like I had several strong strikes into it, but they didn’t seem to slow the creature down at all. Not only that, but with one mighty blow it nearly fell Ferrar and then managed to use powerful magics after that. Deciding it was best to retreat we started to do what we could get away. Unfortunately I got too close to it despite its slow speed. I was encompassed in a black shroud trapped with the creature. It teleported away though so that itself was a blessing. The darkness then dropped and with the problem seemingly dealt with we went on our way though a bit more on edge than before.

The rest of our trip went well enough and we made it to Sandreach unmolested. There we found a town thriving. The place seemed much better off now that the water had been restored and we later learned the gnoll problem had been dealt with. We reported to the mayor and secured lodgings and then went to Belron to turn in what we could. He was very interested in any number of our findings especially the cat. In return for everything that we gave him Belron gave us full access to his library as reward. All of us were able to find something of one subject matter or another to aid us and as such we had our plan for the days to come.

Ferrar Diary Entry #46


They don’t see it coming, the shadow looming overhead.

They’ve only seen glimpses of it like children watching horror movies between their fingers.

I made mistake. I thoughts the statue wanted to play, but it nearly got everyone hurt. Worse, it made him angry. I dont like him, but dont tell him I said so. He will miss you, so we have to keep him hidden, but it will be soon.

He will find the answer, and we will go bye bye.

I will surely be punished.

We’re making a castle!

He reads and reads and reads! I should write a note to one of the ladies; I know you’d laugh at his reaction.

Ferrar Diary Entry #45


I’m afraid. Terrified of living, dying, water, the ground, everything.
I can’t pick up my weapon without seeing the pain it’ll cause. I’m afraid.

I was dragged to a crypt. Dark and gothic like the stories you’d read. So much so it seemed the walls and statues would eat me. I did my best not to see the walking dead of flesh and bone.

It gets worse. A cat’s corpse came to life and took the face of Velsaria. Now I can only see her with a rotten cat body.

I remember gazing into this pool of water, but afterwards became a blur.

Somehow flasks of it ended up in my bag and a sketch of this terrifying thing ended up in my journal.

We also ended up carrying mountains of gold; I’m afraid to ask where it came from. That lizard thing keeps looking at me like it’ll eat me.

Ferrar Diary Entry #44


Your name fills me with such life, but equally with rage.
You tore up the formula, you’re the reason nothing is as it was!
I could have saved us from any matter of God, don’t you see?

You thought that this too was just an act, a side effect of the potion, but I assure you this is who I am. The pictures and memories lie, they cannot be trusted.

I am writing this letter for you, so that you know I am okay. So that you know I am still a good man.

No harm will ever come to us, this I truly believe. Everything is perfect as is once you see through the thick dark plague lingering over their heads.

Everyone around me smiles, so I smile too. Killing with them is delightful. Sometimes I even sing songs about the downfall of our enemies.

Everything is great. Snakes are like friends with more squeeze to their hug, and nibbly love parts. We played so many games with snakes that Shizu-zeeee had to rest for a day!

I wish you could join us in the excitement!

Ferrar Diary Entry #43


I’m close; I can feel it, but the voices are beginning to take their toll.
It takes a lot of trust to let go and have someone or something else take over.
Everything is beginning to fade. Is being true to myself enough to pay the price?
I can remember the fire like it was yesterday; it’s what led me here. The bandits thought we would flee, but there was something dangerous simmering in me. I drank the vial from my father’s study to defend the farm. It made me that monster! It had to! That thing you saw that day wasn’t me and I’ll prove it.

I’ve lost track of the days. I’ve lost track of where I stand.
Won’t you forgive me?
Won’t you care for me still?

I am sure I will find the answers I need with this group.
Scorpion poison could come in handy if I can find the right way to alter my gloves.
The heat of the desert I’m used to, but people are harder to gauge than animals.

We’ve been sent to find an artifact, perhaps it will lead me to the answers I seek.

Do remember, I fight for you.

15th Kuthona

Kevtiln Loreweaver,

So much has transpired since my last letter. We managed to help the town of Sandreach by restoring the flow of water back into town. We found a group of gnolls by the lake where the river for the town was fed and after dealing with that menace I was able to determine the river flow was blocked by a column of sandstone. I’m not sure where the column came from, but I knew that it needed to be moved to restore the towns water supply.

Luckily I remember what you told me one night as we laid together cooling off about leverage and ways it can be used to move great objects. We tied ropes to one end and using the strength of our horses we managed to move it aside and restore the river flow. It’s amazing what fresh water can do for a town when we made a return trip a few days later it was like someone poured a new life into the town.

My companions and I also explored one of the long forgotten ruins in the desert. In doing so we discovered several undead ranging from skeletons to an actual mummy. Lucky we managed to make quick work of these creatures before too much harm was done. We also found a box that contained quite the curiosity. A dead skinless cat. Upon opening the box the cat seemed to come alive and slowly take my face. Now I have a cat that had my face the follows me everywhere. Perhaps this is some twisted dream of yours so you can see my face in multiple ways.

Kidding aside we found a secret passage under the ruins which led to a room with a circle of statues of old. 3 with braziers 3 without, and in the middle a floating staff of purple. Upon entering the room a portal of darkness opened up and a dark figure clutching a falchion stepped forward to engage us. It moved with amazing speed and skill and managed to land two wicked strikes into me. The cold of that weapon is something I will never forget. Not only did the blades bite burn into me, but I felt an unnatural cold that I’ve never known seep into me.

Luckily for us as we managed to land a few blows of our own a hand reached out through a portal and grabbed the creature and pull it back through. For all our efforts in the ruins we managed to get our hands on over 400 pounds of pure gold. Our plan is to use the gold to finance a fort in the lower farmlands to keep them safe. I’ve enclosed a rough draft of my plan for such a fort. As you know my skill for engineering design will never match yours, but perhaps with your help we can design a fort that will not only stand, but be comfortable for those inside.

Perhaps you could use your ties to be placed in charge of building the fort. Would give us an excuse to see each other again. It has been too long since I last felt your warmth. Let me know how life on the lines is treating you. Do you have anything to do with the firearms that are being deployed? A lot of them seem like up your alley. Hoping to hear back from you soon.

Stay safe and well,
Velsaria Hawklight


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