Velos Journal 2

while we wait for are reward the mayor gave us a new job, we are to escort a box to the mayor in the town across the lake, we prepared for the week long ride through the dessert and set off, along the way we hunted and scavenged food like Crabs and cactus water, during are travels we where attacked by four rather over sized scorpions which where no problem and one extra large scorpion, he was alittle more to handle and with a few injurys we managed to take it down and finish are travels to the next town and give the chest to the mayor who then asked us to go give it to the guy in the tower who then asked us to go an an adventure to some ruins under ground and find knowledge and artifacts and gave us a note to give to the guard captain when we return, we now rest here for a few days and try to help this town with its drought problem before returning.

Velos Journal

Today was rather different i ran into Velsaria, Shizu and 2 other rather weird individuals while looking at the job board for a little extra coin. we all decided to work together to complete the job and set out to find a rouge band of deserters and through a rather long and boring diplomatic argument we convinced them to turn themselves in. and we now await the reward

Starday 16th day of Neth
Velsaria Letter Home

Kevtiln Loreweaver,

I hope your time on the front lines is treating you well. It seems like ages since we we’re children practicing our sword fighting as well as other techniques against each other. I pray that you manage to stay safe and keep those close to you protected as well.

I have been staying in the town of Tulduroc on the coast of the Nohz Waters. Most days have been spent to tending to wounded soldiers and general duties around the town. Perhaps it was the overbearing oppression of repeated task that led me to search out another way to use my skills. Fate led me to the tavern where I was reading over work for hire posted on the board. Perhaps you remember the names Shizukata and Velos. They we’re fellow orphans back in Heartdenn. Sadly they’ve turned to mercenary work as a primary means of supplying themselves. Perhaps there is something more I could’ve done when I was working as a dorm mother to better prepare them for the future.

Along with them I met Ferrar a young man who I feel is deeply disturbed. I don’t know what trials this youth has faced in his life to lead him to this point, but perhaps somehow I can help sort out the demons he faces. There was also a duty bound gnome riding a lizard creature. I’m not sure what to make of that one, but as is common for the race seems overeager for anything that might lead to excitement.

We we’re tasked with trying to find some mercenaries who abandoned their post and we’re rumored to be in the desert nearby. After a couple hours travel in the hot sun we them in a small ruin structure. Their story was that the country was evil and they joined and took money just to try to find a way to flee the country. Luckily we we’re able to take them back without bloodshed, but I fear there is no future for them. I still feel there was something hidden in their words, but I was unable to pull it from them.

We’ve now been tasked with delivering a book found from ruins to a nearby town. I’m honestly not sure how to feel about this as my time could probably be better spent caring for the wounded and helping people around town, but perhaps this will open more opporunities to raise myself and help others in the future. I feel the need to look over Ferrar, I fear the destruction that one could cause to themselves and them around to them if his demons are left unchecked. Perhaps it is because of him and Shizukata and Velos that I accepted this task, or perhaps it is the guidance of Lymnieris.

I hope this letter finds you well. Stay safe and strong.

Velsaria Hawklight

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