Velos Journal 5

so… we left the temple, shizu went and talked to HER commander about the gold and what ever they decided to do with it, then we set off to sand reach to turn in what we found, on the way we encountered some armored thing that attacked us, and shizu went into a black sphere of darkness with the creature and i guess it said something and left through a portal? idk man, fuck that shit, we continued to the tower to give the guy the stuff we found and got several books, filled with information about verity of stuff in return, now we read.

The joys of tomb raiding.
The joy is gold and fun.

It felt like it should have been a normal morning. Just making preparation, clearing things within the military, and gearing up. It was at least until I made it to the bridge and found a suicidal maniac. Ferrar decided it would be fun to be even more insane than usual today and try to jump off a bridge and be pissed scared of everything. With something of a great effort we managed to save him from himself and go on our way off to the tomb.

Once there we were able to get down to business. Everything inside was rather quiet. Various statues with braziers one of which seemed to have a broken compartment under it. Noting this we moved on down the stairs further into the ruins. It felt refreshing to be doing this again after some time. Different company sure, but two of them are good friends. Well friends at least. The place was much more cavernous than I’d expected. The roof being tall enough for Wilgrim to have a fun time climbing up one of the pillars. Examining the entirety of the room revealed a small indentation in front of a door like structure. Wilgrim also set off a trap door in the middle of the room which he was able to circumvent with the help of his odd mount.

Unable to discover how to open the door I returned to the first chamber and began reexamining the statues. After trying to move one Velos came up and pushed the thing over shattering it. The one time he decides to be strong I swear. Luckily it paid off and we found an odd square shaped gem that just happened to be the same size as the opening. Using it as a key we opened the door and found…skeletons. We’re rather good at bashing open skeletons it seems. The same goes for swarms of rats. This place was not the cleanest.

We repeated this routine fighting various skeletons of various strengths. Opening doors one way or another. Some the clever way others the smash it with a crowbar way. We found a strange magical water that some people just couldn’t get over. It was delicious water. It really didn’t need that many long dead bodies in it. Scarabs were dealt with a mummy was utterly destroyed by Ferrar. We found a lot of gold. No really. Hundreds of pounds of gold. Me and Velsaria had a bitch of a time getting it all off, but it certainly seems to have been worth it. After all of this effort we found another set of stairs. We decided to camp out for the night before confront whatever was down there.

We descended the stairs and found a rather ominous room. An oddity therein summoned a strange shadow creature that proved much more troublesome than all of the undead we’d fought before. Velsaria almost fell, but was able to keep herself going. Wilgrim showed a new side of himself relaying instructions that improved the defense Velsaria and I were able to provide with our shields. Oh and I HATE THIS STUPID FUCKING RAPIER THAT I PICKED UP HOLY SHIT HOW BAD OF A SMITH COULD THAT GUY HAVE BEEN?! We weren’t able to defeat the creature, but a strange hand came from then aether and plucked it up both of them disappearing after.

With all of that dealt with we were able to retrieve the bladed staff from within. Using a rope seemed like a bit much, but I picked it up after and we went back on our way. Taking all of the gold back is going to be a bit of a pain, but certainly more than well worth it. I just hope that the military doesn’t take it all from us. Perhaps there’s some kind of offer we could make that they’d like. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get my hands on one of those firearm things.

Velos Journal 4

WE ARE FUCKING RICH MAN! so much gold!
we explored the ruin temple, fuck puzzles fuck skeletons FUCK THAT FUCKING WEIRD ASS BITCH FUCKING CUNT CAT!

oh also fuck scarabs


I fuckin hate snakes.
Tiny asshole bastards.

After preparing for our excursion to go see what was wrong with the water around here we made travel for the likely dam. As expected things were rather uneventful until we reached the site itself. Other than the already strange one becoming excessively odd that is. Things were clear until we spotted a group of gnolls. They saw us at the same time and we engaged in combat with them.

I’m not sure what it was, but there must have been some kind of spirit playing tricks on both sides at the start of the battle. Neither side could gain any kind of advantage. My chakram flying wide out into the lake, my pierces all missing despite my white hot focus. Eventually we were able to wear them out while we maintained our form and began to dispatch them one by one. It wasn’t as clean as it should have been, but it was enough.

With the beasts dealt with the task of clearing the blockage came next. A large column that seemed to originate from some temple or another was completely blocking the way. The good sister came up with a good plan to move the thing out of the way so we went about dealing with that while the strange one played the corpses. There was something amusing and disturbing about that looking back, but at the time there were other matters to deal with. Around the time of the whole setup I managed to be on the receiving end of a bit of luck and found the chakram that I’d flung. Less lucky were the plumes of smoke I spotted in the distance. Not having the time to deal with that now I made a note of the location as we went about moving the column and successfully returning the flow of water. In hindsight we probably should have told them that we were going to do that.

Back in town we were thanked for our work in what ways a town like that was able.
Nothing wrong with earning some free room and food. With business in that place concluded we made our way back to where we came from. Once finished there we made our way back to whence we’d come and that’s when the fucking bullshit goddamn happened.
While we camped for the night one evening we were attacked by ASSHAT FUCKING SNAKES. LITTLE SHITS POISONED ME WITH SOME KIND OF STUPID FUCK. My fortitude was lacking and strike after strike their poison continued to flow into me. Fortunately I was able to do a measure of damage to them and everyone else was able to finish them off. Damn Velos actually saved me for a change. Bastard. Once the encounter was dealt with I made it a note to remember what FUCKING SNAKE NESTS LOOK LIKE. It was a thousand times worse than that time with Shiva. I’ll never make a mistake like that again.

Luckily for us and me especially that was the only foul thing that crossed our path before we returned. First thing back in town I decided to let sister and the others go to the mayor and report back to he while I decided I’d go back to the barracks. See if any word had come back about our reward and do a bit of work in the forge while I was at it. It seems I’d saved up all of my luck to be spent somewhere else. Along with the reward in coin for all of us Velos and I were promoted. Being the intrepid soul that I am I received the higher rank of the two of us. I can only assume not long after it was a sense of supreme jealousy that led Velos to quit his life in the army and strike off. Granted it never really did make much sense to me that he was there in the first place. I’m still totally going to lord my rank over him.

With formalities out of the way I dug in and dedicated my time to work on my projects and resting in order to recover my strength for the trials to come. Maybe when I’m old and withered I can become some kind of smith. If I live that long that is.

Velos Journal 3

during this week we killed some dog like creatures (gnoles) and found what we suspect is a camp of gnoles after words, we fixed the river to help the town and went back to the other town, during the trip back we came across a den of snakes, turns out we dont like snakes, after we got back to town i sold a bunch of animal parts, then went to the commander, turns out me and shizu was promoted, i then proceeded to quit the military, and we prepare for are adventure to the abandoned temple.

27th of Neth

Krisdiana Woodsheart,

I hope this letter finds you well. It feels like ages since your smile has warmed my heart. You’ll be happy to know that the strangest set of circumstances has lead me into the company of Shizukata and Velos. They are doing well, you might even say thriving in this country. They amaze me daily with their ability to live off this land. We helped a town by restoring their source of water. It funny a whole lake and all the power of the water was held back my an ancient stone pillar. We managed to push it aside and the rush of the water was breath taking. We plan to explore one of the ancient ruins soon. Maybe I’ll be able to find my way back to you. Included in this letter is something for Gellantara. scroll of remove blindness/deafness plan to remove 375 gp from my character for it next session. Hopefully it brings back something that was robbed from you so long ago.

Missing you daily.
Velsaria Hawklight

I fuckin love the desert
It's the best

Finally we get a real chance to leave this town. Guard duty is so boring all of the time, but I’ve gotta keep up appearances one way or another. Wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of all those stuffy bastards. Anyways our band is mismatched to all hell, but it helps to have two people I trust. Between the good sister and the crybaby my front and back should be pretty damned well covered so I’ll be able to really let loose if anything goes wrong. The other two I’ll keep a close eye on just in case. Being the desert expert though I should have some influence during the journey to come.p.

Out in the wild I feel more alive than I have for a few weeks now. Poor Velsaria on the other hand. I’d forgotten how dainty she can be despite her strength both physical and inner. I always have a hard time remembering that she comes from good stock and probably doesn’t take too kindly to travel like this. At least she’s got her holy aid when it comes to stuff like this. Me, I just bask in it all and enjoy being back out in the wild. Velos may have learned formal tracking and training from that half blooded fellow who took him away, but the desert itself is my land and with all of my experience I’ve been able to keep us all a little bit better fed. After the crab experience though I think that I’ll leave the preparation of food to the sister and just catch it myself.

A good bit of our trip is just traveling and scavenging, but one night we finally saw some more excitement. Large scorpions burrowing from under the sand in the middle of the night. Nasty little bastards, but small and fragile. Velos got scratched, but other than that we were easily able to dispose of them. I injured my marks greatly, but that damned honorable gnome snatched my kills from me. I’ll have to be quicker next time. Finish them off before he even gets the chance to butt in. Regardless even if it was the first time my new comrades saw my raw rage it felt good to really cut loose again.

Another day and another normal day of travel. I’ve been giving Velsaria gifts of fruit and flowers to keep her mind off of the scathing heat. Things had come back down a bit before we encountered more scorpions. Rather one scorpion the size of thousands put together. Finding this beast somewhat separated from the group we mounted a desperate defense that led to the gnome falling and Velsaria barely holding on. With her aid felled the creature and using my skills I was able to harvest a large bit of useful material from the monster. Fortunately after this trial we encountered no other danger so the good sister and gnome were fully able to recover. I’m still a bit upset that she used my healing poultice on him not herself.

Finally reaching the end of our current journey we’re able to make our delivery, but even that becomes a roundabout visit from mayor, to some mageish looking fellow who then wants us to explore some ruins. Well versed in such a line of work I’m more than willing to go searching for danger and treasure. Everyone else on the other hand took some convincing. He gave us items that wouldn’t be all that useful to us, but seemed to be valuable enough so the rest of our members were placated.

Once all of that business was dealt with we went our different ways to take care of what we needed to and enjoy a bit of down time. I went with Ferrar to have his weapon fixed and was able to convince the blacksmith to let me use his forge. I figured using my current one as a model I’d try to make another scorpion chitin shield. It went much better than I expected and I crafted an even better shield than the one I was using. I suppose I have a knack for armor as well as weapons. I’ll have to keep this talent in mind moving forwards.

Prayer to Lymnieris
Velsaria Prayer after Giant Scorpion encounter.

So weak. I’m so weak. It’s only through your guidance that I find myself worthy. I almost lost a member of my companions today and it is only because of the energies you bestow me with that I was able to save them. I want to become stronger, I want to become that which can protect. As always I am, but a toll for you to use to care for those around me. I will dedicate myself further to growing from this encounter and setting my eyes on the future. I just pray that you will be proud of what you see. I will grow, I will prevail through you. My destiny is yours . With your guidance I can not fail.

Starday 22nd of Neth
Valersia Letter Home
Lady Gellantara,

Times seems to have flown faster than intended since my last letter. As you know I set off a month ago to see what kind of aid I could lend the people of the border towns during this awful conflict. Now I find myself in the company of two of our former sponsored orphans, an eager gnome, and a lost and confused soul in need of guidance as I once was. Shizukata and Velos have found themselves like many as mercenaries in this misguided war. Perhaps that’s why I was called to this land to look over them.

Or perhaps I was called here to look over this chivalry filled gnome. to make sure the fire in him doesn’t pull him into an unwinnable encounter, or a severe social faux pas. Ferrar is the one I’m most worried for. There is a kindness there, but it is hidden behind a guise that I can’t totally break through. Words written on arms, mutterings under breaths, looking for answers in strange places. Perhaps this is what might’ve befallen me without the guidance of you and lymnieris. I pray this one can find the answers he seeks.

As strange a troupe as we make we we’re tasked with escorting a book discovered in a local ancient ruin to the city of Sand Bridge after we settled a task involving a missing group of mercenaries. I shall never get used to the heat of our landscape, especially in metal armor. Riding on horseback across the sands we made our way there. Late in the 3rd night we we’re attack by a large scorpion, luckily the gnome was able to call out a warning to us in time and quick work from his charge and Shizukata’s sword the scorpion fell near instantly. The victory was short lived as not even moments after the kill blow fell a trio of the creatures burrowed from under the ground. Ferrar attacked one so fiercely with his weapon that he broke his weapon in the process. I was able to get to one of the beasts and score a hit though unarmored I found myself desperately trying to keep the pincers and tail from finding purchase on my body. I was lucky that Ferrar came over swinging the haft of his weapon at one side of the scorpion distracting it as it struck out at me glancing off my shield. Using this momentum I was able to strike true and fell the beast.

Luckily we made it through the event relatively unscathed. 2 days later we would find ourselves not quite so lucky. While traveling we heard a shout of alarm from Shizukata as a giant scorpion the size of a market square burrowed it’s way out from the sand. I ran in crossbow in hand and took a shot, but couldn’t tear my eyes from Shizukata’s engagement with the beast and my bolt went wide. The gnome charged in on his lizard mount bravely engaging the beast only to be sliced nearly in two by one claw and clasped unconscious in the other. A calmness washed over my as I charged in drawing Morning’s Light. I charged through the beasts reach taking a huge gash down my shoulder and side that nearly dropped me where I stood, but seeing the gnomes unconscious body being strangled in the other pincer I pushed through the momentum of the blow and slashed true through taking the whole limb from the beast. Luckily I wasn’t too late and was able to discharge healing energies into the gnome and with the assistance of Ferrar producing a potion of healing we we’re able to arose the gnome.

So close…. I was so close to not being fast and strong enough to save another one. Gellantara after all my training I’m still so weak. If I can’t stop such an awful blow from being struck to one of my companions what good am I? I need to learn to be faster, stronger, and grow my faith. I won’t let anyone be taken from me. I’ll keep fighting for them till my dying breath. I’ll put my own life on the line to protect those around me. If I can be their shield then my life has had meaning. Shizukata has a gentleness behind her fire that needs to be protected, Velos a youthfulness, (Gnome name here) a desire to help others, and Ferrar most of all. Something is there behind the madness if I can help lift it from him.

Lymnieris will guide my actions and I will come out stronger through these trials. I pray this letter finds you and the orphanage well.

Velsaria Hawklight

Ferrar Diary Entry #42

Dearest Alice,

I know it has been some time since I’ve written. Let’s just say I’ve not been myself. In my pursuit to recreate my father’s work my mind and personality have become scattered, but I feel I am nearing the paragon of Alchemy. I can no longer hide behind the chemicals and call myself a scientist. I’ve met a group; they’ve opened my eyes. The rush of fighting to protect what is precious, fills me with a warmth that I once felt with you in my arms. I know you are gone; they have taken you from me. It’s for the ones I love that I give up my humanity. Perhaps that is a lie and I’ve always been a beast. One thing is certain, when this potion is complete I will change, but I wont forget. This is why I write. So that I remember what is true. THE FIRE THE FIRE. I dont know what lives I’ve lived to the journey of sandstorm. My weapon, broken like my spirit left me to seek forgiveness in the Temple. I’m not a bad man. It’s just the thoughts that drive my blade to carnage. I have acquaintances now, that seem to be leading me down the right path. We’re here, helping others, just like you always dreamed. You did have a knack for believing in me, though I didnt deserve it. I pray they remain loyal when they see my truth. Given the stories I hear, the hairs stuck between my teeth, the erotic bible, and reptilian scars, it can’t get any worse. Ah yes the group.
While Velsaria has your heart, Shizukata shares your fire.
I’ve not quite mapped the Geko-riding lanceman yet, but I presume the others are quite fond of him and his companion (oddly named toes).
The last is a true mystery to me, while the others seem prone to seeing him as a friend.

I will muster my courage and carry on, so that you may rest knowing I was the man you dreamt of, even as a beast.

Ferrar Je’Kyll


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