Why can't war be simple?

Shades of gray.

I was worried that rounding everyone up and keeping them safe was going to be the most difficult part of this storm and battle, but it seems as if I was very mistaken. Almost immediately upon finishing our tasks fighting broke out in the streets. The invaders versus a scouting party who had no doubt come to see what had happened to the town. I can say with a measure of pride that we all did our best to avoid being hasty.

For the first part of the fight all of us did what we could to stay out of it. Waiting for some kind of sign or indication as to which side was more just, but there was none. We were being treated as noncombatants by both sides and simply went about trying to keep fatalities from mounting. For my part I started to make a dash to the South after realizing certain things. It was then that the tide finally turned.

I was perfectly willing to continue moving South in an attempt to sway both sides, but an errant strike managed to harm Velsaria. It may be somewhat petty to choose sides based on something as simple as a light injury to a friend, but things the way there were it was the best I had. Turning back I flew into a rage and waded into battle to rather high effect. Poor Velos couldn’t do much with the wind the way it was, but I like to think that I more than made up for that.

With the enemies at hand dealt with and our allegiance made we finally moved to the bridge in the South. There we found an odd sight. Strange soldiers with fire elementals at their beck and call along with a man that surely meant nothing good was afoot. Before much of anything could be done an order to burn the bridge was issued. The commander fled and luckily we managed to subdue the would be arsonists with little difficulty. The odd soldiers ended up being clockwork men that while rather resilient I managed to score precise enough strikes to disable one. The things had some means to repair themselves once down, but it was limited and simple enough to disable them for good. Though the time was enough for that bastard to make his escape.

Having determined that things were safe for now it came time to make a choice. To go with the invaders and potential allies, or to strike our own path. In the end we seemed agreed to take the path that would get us our gold back, along with a few other things. Maybe we’ll be able to get some more answers if we stick with this crew for a time. Things aren’t quite as clear as they used to be.


viperkusy Sirramington

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