Shizukata Ikami

Nimble desert barbarian


Human Unchained Barbarian level-4

Str- 12
Dex- 18
Con- 14
Int- 13
Wis- 13
Cha- 13

HP- 54

Initiative- +5
Fortitude- +7
Reflex- +6
Will- +3

Craft Weapons- +13
Craft Armor- +16
Intimidate- +7
Knowledge Nature- +7
Perception- +8
Survival- +11

Weapon Finesse
Deadly Agility
Two-weapon fighting
Exotic weapon proficiency: Estoc

Berserker of the Society




Shizu was born into much the average desert nomad tribe. They wandered the land from one oasis to the next eeking out what existence they could in the vast waste. It was a difficult life, but not an unpleasant one. Those who survived gained the abilities to take on a vast array of challenges though there was the constant threat of death that always hovered nearby. She was brought up with the ideals of personal strength and freedom at her core. To use all that she was to the greatest gain and to never allow others to take from her what she valued. A nomad had to keep what they could in order to survive of course.

While she absorbed many of these values she wasn’t allowed much time to do so. At the young age of 6 her people were struck by a terrible sandstorm the likes not even their elders could recall encountering. Even huddling closely together some people were driven away. The only memory Shizu has of the time was her father telling her to stay put before heading back into the midst of the storm. Once everything settled back down Shizu found herself utterly alone. Having been raised to do anything but simply wait around she immediately struck out using what skills she had to direct herself and stay alive.

Somehow through her own limited strength of will and perhaps some divine blessing she was able to survive long enough to collapse in front of one of the main gates of Heartdenn. Naturally not knowing what to do with her and learning there was nobody to take care of her the guards naturally took Shizu to an orphanage. Once there Shizu had a hard time fitting in. She didn’t quite miss her parents as much as those around her expected and seemed to be rather independent and self reliant for a girl her age. She felt little need to get along with her peers unless she saw a good reason to and would often start fights and finish a fair share as well. It was at this orphanage that Shizu met Velsaria and Velos.

To her Velos was one of the few that could keep up with her. Physically at least. Though a shameless coward she didn’t exactly mind always coming to his rescue. It gave her that many more chances to test her skills after all. Velsaria was everything you’d expect of a holy woman. kind and patient, but firm and unrelenting. That and plenty skilled in her own rights too. Shizu developed a measure of respect for Velsaria and some kind of emotion between contempt and the love of an older sister for Velos. While she didn’t dislike this new home of hers it was simply too small and limited. There were only so many adventures a girl her age could go out into the city and have. So once she was old enough and decided she had the strength to she set out on her own to see what she could encounter.

Back in the desert she felt a bit at home once again. She spend a bit of time searching for her lost tribe, but it was a token effort done more out of a distant sense of obligation than the thought that she’d in any way succeed. While out in the wastes she encountered a band of mercenaries between jobs. Being a ragtag group coming across a young girl in the middle of nowhere the outcome was greatly anticipated by Shizu. She readily showed them her skill with a dagger and they took her on as a member without complaint. There were many jobs that a small girl as skilled as her could be used for after all.

While she didn’t excel in stealth, her quick feet and wit still made her more than capable of the task. Used as part assassin and part whirling dervish Shizu would lose herself into the missions assigned to her. She dove into her tasks revelling the challenge and danger. She rose through the ranks with age and soon had a comfortable middle ranking among the mercenary band. Just as she was beginning to grow a bit bored of what was becoming a routine life her band was assigned to a guard duty in the north.

It seemed that between war and tensions the regular army had begun to recruit more and more mercenaries to help with border protection. Shizu wasn’t sure how she felt about the wider implications of this, but at the very least it seemed as if it would prove to be a temporary relief for her boredom. Perhaps it would even be a chance to prove herself and grow vastly more famous.

Shizukata Ikami

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