Velos Journal 2

while we wait for are reward the mayor gave us a new job, we are to escort a box to the mayor in the town across the lake, we prepared for the week long ride through the dessert and set off, along the way we hunted and scavenged food like Crabs and cactus water, during are travels we where attacked by four rather over sized scorpions which where no problem and one extra large scorpion, he was alittle more to handle and with a few injurys we managed to take it down and finish are travels to the next town and give the chest to the mayor who then asked us to go give it to the guy in the tower who then asked us to go an an adventure to some ruins under ground and find knowledge and artifacts and gave us a note to give to the guard captain when we return, we now rest here for a few days and try to help this town with its drought problem before returning.


viperkusy deadspot252

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