Knowledge earned and gained

Black armor in the desert is scary

Through much effort we’ve managed to gain quite a bit. While dragging all of that gold back to town was an endeavor, but well worth the effort it would seem. We immediately went to the barracks so that I could report our findings as well as formulate some sort of idea to spend the gold. The commander was somewhat interested in our proposal for a keep and promised to keep the small hoard safe while we took care of our business. With that settled we decided to make our way back to Sandreach to report our findings and deliver our goods to Belron.

It seems we will never have an uneventful trip to Sandreach. On the way there we spotted something strange in the distance. A black armored figure with a greatsword which gave off every impression of danger. Ferrar decided to rush directly at the figure forcing the rest of us to chase after him. Once close enough the being drew its greatsword from the ground and entered combat with us.

Many of us were unable to strike with any damage upon the heavily armored foe. I feel like I had several strong strikes into it, but they didn’t seem to slow the creature down at all. Not only that, but with one mighty blow it nearly fell Ferrar and then managed to use powerful magics after that. Deciding it was best to retreat we started to do what we could get away. Unfortunately I got too close to it despite its slow speed. I was encompassed in a black shroud trapped with the creature. It teleported away though so that itself was a blessing. The darkness then dropped and with the problem seemingly dealt with we went on our way though a bit more on edge than before.

The rest of our trip went well enough and we made it to Sandreach unmolested. There we found a town thriving. The place seemed much better off now that the water had been restored and we later learned the gnoll problem had been dealt with. We reported to the mayor and secured lodgings and then went to Belron to turn in what we could. He was very interested in any number of our findings especially the cat. In return for everything that we gave him Belron gave us full access to his library as reward. All of us were able to find something of one subject matter or another to aid us and as such we had our plan for the days to come.


viperkusy Sirramington

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